A picture means I know what I was doing every minute. 

That's why I take pictures. It's a visual diary.

- Andy Warhol


Formerly know as the Inadequate Cliché, The Aesthet is a blog founded by Adela Chloe Mazankova that serves as a creative platform showcasing her interest in fashion, graphic design and photography and also as a visual insight to her life, her travels and anything aesthetically pleasing and unique she stumbles upon. The Aesthet is an online destination for anyone seeking beauty and enjoying simplicity with a twist, modernity and new forms. Welcome!


Founder, Creative director

Born in the Czech Republic, raised throughout South-East Asia, currently living in between LA and Prague. 23 years old visualist, arts management student, online media consultant at Antipearle, freelance stylist and graphic designer but mostly life lover and wanderlust.



Photographer/intern wanted

We are currently searching for a new addition to our team.
If you are interested in street style photography, creative direction and social media, plus have a basic knowledge of Photoshop, hit us on adela@the-aesthet.com!


For contacts and collaboration opportunities please visit the contact page.